Thursday, 15 July 2010

Hanson House

What a wonderful week we spent with Danielle and her family in Surrey.
They opened their arms and brought us into the fold - real life with the Hansons!
It is possible that they were on their best behavior, but I prefer to think that they are always as delightful and charming as they were while we were there.
Thank you to Nick, Christian, Finlay, Francesca and of course, Danielle!

This photo is four/fifths of the family.
The boys were still in school, but Fran was in Thailand on holiday, having finished her last classes. What a gorgeous family!

Here is the house, from the front........nice, hunh?
(Hi, Sue)

And from the back garden, you get the real feel of the place. What a pleasant place to sit and relax in the evening, which we did almost every night!

My room.
Up in the attic is this tiny, white room with two cozy beds and a couple of windows with lovely views of trees and rooftops.
I loved it.

In preparation for going to France, Danielle pulled out all kinds of fantastic haberdashery!
We had such a great time going through it all and decorating ourselves, well, Sue did....

One evening, Nick filled the grill with all kinds of things and we sat in the garden enjoying the whole scene. The boys were honing their cricket skills in between checking the grill. Below, Finlay awaits a pitch (a bowl?) from his brother...

Another evening, Danielle made pizza and we ate indoors. What a cook, that one. She is able to whip up the most incredible meals, seemingly with very little effort. We were spoiled rotten.

After getting back from France, we were blessed with Francesca's return from Thailand - complete with all the stories and henna tattoos (!) to shock her folks.
Here she is meeting Flat Oolie while wearing Sue's "bling" from the workshop. She wears it well, don't you think?

What a perfect time we had. Thank you so much to all of you for your hospitality and generosity. Safe travels to the boys (that includes you, Nick) and all good things to you ladies.
Hope the rest of your summer is filled with laughter and adventure.....

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  1. What a treat to see Danielle's family and home after all. Wish I could have been there, but this was the next best thing. What exactly is a flat Oolie?
    Danielle, your house looks lovely.