Saturday, 1 May 2010

Happy May Day

I love May Day!
I used to make little baskets and fill them with flowers and give them to friends.
I haven't done that in years....sigh.....

But, I did make a little bouquet of flowers for my friend, Shawna, and took it to her this afternoon. She was very pleased to get it....
I think the colors of the little blossoms are really nice.

This morning, I was at the neighborhood pool where we had a "work day" to get things ready for opening in a few weeks. It was a chilly day, but several families showed up to help and we all had a fun......and almost all the work was completed.

Last year, I had painted this wall with flowers and the word "SWIM". This year, I was going to just touch it up a bit. There were several young ladies there who saw me painting and asked if they, too, could do a little painting. I thought, why not? So, we mixed lots of colors and shared the brushes with one another and came up with a masterpiece! 
The picture, above, shows a couple of fine Octopi, and several schools of fish.

These are the guys painting the ceiling of the covered eating area - 
what a job!
But, it sure does look nice!

Around 4 pm, I went to Curiosa to deliver a few more goodies, including this little swinging girl.
Another one that I fell in love with.
I am hopeless.

Hope your May Day was a special one. 


  1. A day full of activity and creativity, a great day all over the world!
    It looks like the swinging girl is thinking about Briançon, is she?

  2. The swinging girl is wonderful. I bet those girls were delighted to be painting. Can't wait to see more paper mache. You are acing it.