Saturday, 22 May 2010

Teacher Appreciation

On Wednesday, my friend, Clare, drove the twelve hours from Austin the Santa Fe with me and it was such a treat! Never has 12 hours gone by so quickly! We talked about so many things and laughed and listened to (and sang with!) disco music from the 70's  ...... AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

Got home, ate dinner, went to bed and Thursday morning hit the ground running at 6 am!
Had to prepare for the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon at Grayson's school. We, the parents of the Parents' Association, decided to have a Literary Theme - Shakespeare, to be precise. We chose quotations from plays and matched them to each of the teachers and staff. I wrote them out on tracing paper (looked like parchment) and rolled them up. We gave them, along with gift certificates to a locally owned bookstore, and served wonderful food. Below are photos of some of my lettering for this event:

These are the quotations, written on torn tracing paper....

.....names of the teachers and staff......

part of the menu - Shakespearean names for the dishes

some of the food with the labels

And, a picture of me by the beautiful roses that coincidentally matched my apron!

It was a fabulous time and all the recipients were blown away by the presentation AND the food. I think they felt pretty well appreciated and we all loved doing it for them.


  1. It must have been a great day!
    You look extremely cute in that apron!

  2. yay! for mom volunteers! great presentation and great apron too! welcome back to blog-land.

  3. Yes, that I was going to say- you look very cute in that apron. Looks like the teachers got a nice surprise for teacher appreciation week. I know they enjoyed it.