Monday, 31 May 2010


I think that today was the first day it has really felt like summer is on its way.
The weather was warm and the sun was shining......and in the back yard, one of my favorite perennials is blooming.
First of all, the grapes are starting their climb up and over the gazebo, as the lavender begins to fill out its stems of green. ....hmmmmmm, I never did finish cutting the tin that I had planned to decorate the post with. I started that at least 15 years ago and I like how it looks (the cut-tin leaves at the bottom of the post) It was supposed to continue up and around, but, as I recall, the tin was quite difficult to cut with tin snips - my hand was having a rough time of it! So, I gave it up. (that was some tangent I just went off on, hunh?)

Here they are - my favorite summer flower - Penstamen Pseudo-Spectabulous. I do not know if that is spelled correctly, but the color of this flower is truly "spectacular!" It makes me smile to look out and see them dotting the cheerful and bright!
A close cousin of the "Pseudo-Spectabulous" is this scarlet "Shooting Star" penstamen.
The two of them together - that intense hot pink and the rich red - is almost too much! What glorious colors.....I am glad that something so simple can make me so happy......


  1. Flowers have that special power,
    to make people HAPPY!
    Would Love to visit your beautiful garden one day!

  2. What a Beautiful Bio on the three of you ladys. Such a lovely place to visit.

  3. Jone- that tin work you started long ago around the post is awesome......I love it!!!!!!! I hope you will get to finish it one day when your thumbs are feeling better. I'd love to have one in our garden!!!!!!!
    LOVE- your Oolie