Wednesday, 5 May 2010

another millinery ht flower broach

Dear Pantry Violets-
I am trying to expand my "color palette" and make a few pins that are not pastels but more "butterscotch/mustard, brown and melon".  It is a challenge to work outside of a comfort zone, even if it is just a change in colors!  I do love working with these amazing vintage flowers....they are very inspiring!  We are in full blown SPRING here in Colorado.....hope everyone else is having a lovely springtime as well!  LOVE-  Julie   


    I think that is one of the most wonderful you have done!
    Isn't it fun to be so happy with what you are making?!

    Missing you lots!

  2. I like the broach. It's good to take a challenge and try new stuff. I need to try new colors too and guess which ones i need to try The very ones you used or maybe I'll go for black and white.