Saturday, 8 May 2010

Once Upon a Time....

Many years ago, I designed a line of stickers and paper for scrapbooking under the theme of "Once Upon a Time." I went through the folder just the other day and found these wonderful images that I am so proud to have done....I do surprise myself sometimes......

The next Spoonflower challenge is puppets, so I thought that having Knights and Dragons and a "Damsel (princess) in Distress" would be fun. I will need to do the "backs" of the characters, but imagine how great it would be to cut out and stitch up your own army of knights and be able to slay the dragon over and over! (hmmm, sounds gruesome)

Of course, I used my favorite colors for the knights! I want to work on the dragon, though. He is not nearly as classy as the knights, in my opinion.

The eagles and the titles, "Once Upon a Time" and "Knight In Shining Armor" are pretty cool..

....And the Princesses! Never was much for a princess, myself, but these seem to have all it takes, don't you think? I do like them and can't quite decide which to choose for this particular project....hmmmmmm.......

They will be finger puppets, I think, so that they will all fit in the space required (Fat Quarter)
I will show them off again once they are finished up. I am off to the studio!  xo


  1. Oh wow, now I am intimidated, these are so amazing, and they would make stunning puppets, YOU MUST ENTER them, especially when you see the rubbish that I have just uploaded for the same competition....I am going to print your images out and stick them on the office pinboard for inspiration....

  2. These are very cute Jone. I would have loved them as a child (not that I don't love them now). Hope you enter them.

  3. Jone, you surprise us all, not only yourself!
    These drawings are great!
    Love to you

  4. Jone dear-
    These are absolutely amazing my dear. Have you thought of becoming a costume designer?! You should!!!!! Can't wait to play "knights and princesses" finger puppets, with a "papier MASH-aye" (Danielle's pronunciation!!!) stage from our very own Danielle! Cullen will know then that we have absolutely gone off the deep edge! LOVE- Oolie

  5. I think all our husbands thought that a while ago.....Nicks eyes just glaze over now whenever he trips over the mounds of fabric and craft goodies scattered all over our home!

  6. Absolutly love your work, I Have been collecting all that I can find, These are so beautiful.