Friday, 7 May 2010

Tulips in May

Each year in September I spend too much money on tulip bulbs, so this is my contribution to Pantry Violets for May. Thank you for noticing Oolie and Taylor and Jone that my voice has been rather quiet, but the day job of children has stopped all personal creativity. Have just drunk rather too much beer knowing that this weekend I must embrace large numbers of muddy boys and a party for my soon to be 7 year old. However, my 4 year old fell asleep in my arms today and I must remember that this moments are sparse now and that soon they will be repulsed not only by my skin but the mere sight of me! And then my creativity will be without barriers. The intrigue of British politics however has kept me on my seat and my mind active- maybe we have at last come of age and although the english parties have yet to realise democracy might just be about negotiation and not winner takes all. Loving all your blogs I do look most days and it keeps me sane. Next month we can say "Off to Briancon, hooray".


  1. Dear Joanna (er)-
    It was wonderful to hear from you! You continue to make the most entertaining "noises" on the blog! Please post a photo of you embracing those muddy boys....I need a visual of that! Do continue to enjoy their precious sweetness while it lasts. Your tulips are just gorgeous.......what a riot of color they bring to your garden! My favorites are "angelique" double tulips that resemble pink & white peonies. Soon we will be admiring all of the flowers blooming at Briancon. I am more than ready to be there! What are your travel plans? Keep in touch! LOVE- Julie

  2. YES! What are your travel plans?
    Sue and I will arrive in London on the 24th of June in the evening. We will stay with Danielle until the 30th, when we fly to Bergerac. Will you be flying with us? Or have you opted for the train?
    At any rate, we will ALL be together at Briancon and I know that each of us is counting the days! (54!)
    Your tulips are so beautiful! Nice job!
    And, as to the party of 6 and 7 year-old boys - YIPPEE!
    I think that boys show us soooo much of how to be in the moment!
    I hope that you will have a wonderful time and that it is everything that your 7 year-old is looking for! What a mom you are....!!
    Love to you xoxo

  3. YES do tell us what and how and where you will be o the 30th....would you like to come and stay the evening before as we discussed? Good luck with the party, while the photos only ever tell how happy and wonderful these occasions are, I still remember the blind panic and chaos when no on wants to play any of the games you have organised, the cake has been trashed and ones own son is crying in the corner because it has all got too much for him....oh well there is always beer and gin to come to the rescue...speak soon xx