Thursday, 27 May 2010

The other day, my friend Becky and her daughter, Sylvie, came by for a visit.
We sat in the back yard and watched Sylvie climb all over the walls and the dogs. She was having the best time and totally delighted us.

Here she is with Mr Jack. He thought she was very cool and she gave him a couple of big hugs.
She realized that if she could get him to "drop" the stick in his mouth, she could throw it and he would bring it back. Her giggles were spectacular! Jack enjoyed it, too.

We, Sylvie and I, chatted over the wall. She is so sweet and fun and silly. I just adore her!

Was in Austin with my mom at the same time as Renegade Craft Fair. Above are the goodies that I found that I just had to have. Tiny magnets, illustrated pins, decorated adhesive tape, some fab jewelry by Foundling and some delightful handmade books and booklets. Love 'em!

When I was at my friend, Penny's place, Los Poblanos on Tuesday, I got to visit the office where they keep the samples of the products made from some of Alexander Girard's artwork. The blocks (above) and the memory game (below) are so beautiful - made by a company called House Industries. They are carved, screened wood and such exquisite quality.

I find Girard's work so incredibly inspired and inspiring. I have felt so ready to create all week long, but haven't had the chance......maybe tomorrow....


  1. Love, love the stiff you got at the fair. I want to see them close up. They look so cool. What is that house thing. Is it a zine or empty?How about that thing with a teacup and fabric? It all looks so interesting.

  2. You always sound like you are having the best time, Jone. An inspiration to all around you.
    Can't wait to catch up!