Thursday, 29 April 2010

millinery flower circle pin broach

Dear Violets-
I have not posted anything in quite a while due to lots of traveling, so I had to get out my instructions and relearn the whole process!!!!  I was inspired by a "circle pin" hidden away in my old jewelry box to try and make a felt one with my ever growing collection of vintage millinery flowers.  It measures 2 1/2 inches across.  I hope the top flowers hold up when the pin is being pinned on and off repeatedly.  I chose flowers for the top that were not as fragile....we'll see!  It feels good to be home long enough to plug in the hot glue gun and get creative!  Before long we will be back at Briancon stitching away....I can't wait!!  LOVE to all-  Julie


  1. BRAVO!!!
    I think this little pin is charming.
    Oolie,you are definitely onto something....

    Happy "gluing" this weekend....

  2. Lovely little pin, those vintage flowers are beautiful!
    See you soon Julie!

  3. Oolie that is a lovely pin and I can picture you wearing it almost on a daily basis. Wonder what you will do with Julie A this year. I know it will be fun.