Friday, 9 April 2010

Oolie's Kitchen

Here is the window behind the sink in Julie's kitchen...
sooooooo charming!
See the little pink fridge, white stove and pink sink at the back?
They are metal and were Julie's when she was little.
She and her sister played with them all the time.
The refrigerator used to plug in and actually make ICE!!!
Can you imagine?

Absolutely love this little Steinbach Knitting Girl with her kitty....playing with the ball of yarn, which is actually string and not wood or painted wire...sweet....

This little plate has darling old wooden babies - on a swing. in a crib, playing with a baby doll (in the back) We are so lucky when we can find the old ones....

This little girl is not old, but soooo special. The charm of these little ones is ageless, timeless.
They grab onto our hearts and make us smile. It is a joy to be around them.

The other joy is fresh flowers....ahhhhhh...
These tiny little vases, which Oolie bought in Santa Fe, are all over her house with itsy, bitsy daffodils in them. A touch of sunshine everywhere!

We are off to the fabric store now....and maybe to the book store, too.
Love to all - more later.

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