Monday, 12 April 2010

More Little Ladies

Here are a few more of the figures I did at Oolie's last week.

I think that the "attitude" of this one is sweet. I added braids, which I think really made all the difference. She was one of the first girls that I made, so she has a few glitches. But, I feel like I have learned with each figure what works best and the rhythm does eventually flow...

Don't you think the Big Daisy is fun? I like her a bunch.... tee hee........

This girl will be holding a tiny bird on her hand. Right now, she looks a little bit like Judy Jetson (!)   I do think the bird will help change that. I will share her with you as things evolve.


  1. IF english was my first language,
    maybe I would have been able to put into words, my feelings...
    The girl with the daisy AND the other ones too...
    I hope that you will not forget our plans in the conservatory;)

  2. Jone,
    Love these and the mushroom.These girls could be a big hit especially with birds and big floeers. You and Oolie are a good team when you get together. You create amazing things. What a team. I loved seeing pictures of Oolie's home as well. She has some great things. It is almost like a museum.

  3. OOps floeers is really flowers but if you become well known for these (kind of like your friend Julie H. who was at Artfest) you should call them floeers

  4. Thanks Taylor!
    I like the name "floeers" a lot!
    So, did you meet Julie H? We used to spend a lot of time together, but she is in Arizona all the time now. I miss her.
    Glad you made it to Artfest, though. Sounds fab!