Saturday, 10 April 2010

Day One at Oolie's

Hi Everyone!
I am home from Oolie's after a very productive 4 days.
I was spoiled rotten and allowed to work all the time rather than having to think about food, kids, RESPONSIBILITY! It was a truly fantastic "working vacation" for me and I have Oolie to thank for that....THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!

Here is Oolie the first morning. She had bought all the mixings for my famous (or infamous!) Migas, which are eggs that are scrambled with onions, tortillas, salsa and cheese - YUM! It was my pleasure to fix 'em right up for her! We added some sliced avocado and toast with raspberry jam - yummmmmm!

After breakfast, we cleared the table only to fill it right up with all of our necessities!
This is Mark and Julie's den, where all the living takes place. The couches in the back are where we ate, since the table was full of "creative stuff".....and Mark joined us "in the room" to watch the news every once in awhile.

It amazes me that I can actually make sense of a mess like this! Wonders never cease.....
I did so many things while there, though. Guess it just goes to show that I work well in chaos.

Here is a "candid" shot of Julie "at the knife" working on a little something. I guess the fact that I kept cutting up the foam core made her need to dive in to it, too. 
Below is what she spent most of her time working on..... and I just realized that I did not get a picture this morning of how lovely her new necklace looked!
These are 12 balls that Oolie stitched up. She was getting pretty darn fast by the 5th and 6th balls! Oolie, you need to take a photo of what they look like now that they are on the cord with the leaves, okay?

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