Sunday, 4 April 2010


These bunnies are sending good Easter Wishes
to ALL of you
on this Easter Sunday.
Have a beautiful day!
Love to all....


  1. Love those bunnies Jone. Hope you had a splendid Easter and saw many rabbits. Your Easter decor is hopping good. Loved your door at the tea house too. Do you get free chai lattes now?

  2. yep, the chai is "on the house" for the work that I do for them - menus and such.
    We should really have a workshop out here sometime and partake of the wonderful places around here - to eat, to hike, to play!

    Maybe we will see you in London?
    Danielle said that you might come over. Sue and I will be there before Briancon for a few days...what fun we could all have together! I guess that Fran will be gone, so there is plenty of room for all of us. BIG SLEEPOVER!

    Talk to you soon. Want to know more about ArtFest!