Sunday, 11 April 2010

Day Two at Oolie's

I was blown away.
After all the lovely collections all around the house, Julie opened a door and we walked down the stairs into the basement........

The "real" treasure trove was "down under" in the basement.
Collections that you cannot imagine!
I was intrigued by the painted tin boxes, I think, more than anything else...
Delicate and beautiful, in colors that are not reproduced these days...

Above and below are just a few of the many metal boxes that are in Julie's magnificent and totally overwhelming collection. It will take your breath away!

Love this little dressing table sitting on a window sill...

These tea sets are pretty sweet sitting on the shelf...

More tin boxes and other goodies hiding in these shelves...

You just can't imagine what lies in this basement.
I will share more tomorrow, but had to give you a quick peek.


  1. Oolie, what a great collection of tin boxes!
    I do believe that we are soulmates in the art of collecting;)

  2. These pictures are exactly how I imagined Julie's house would look like when she upturned all those incredible vintage fabrics last year at Briancon!
    Looks like you two had a fab time, you lucky things!

  3. Jone- Thank you for taking and posting all these photos of my various collections!
    It is a bit scary seeing how much stuff I have managed to collect over the years! I may have to skip Ali Baba's this time around.....! I just mailed in our taxes....what a chore! Now I have a bit of time to cut some circles of fabric for the stuffed yoyos to work on during our travels. Let me know if anything comes of the connection with Lisa...I am excited for you! LOVE- Oolie