Wednesday, 7 April 2010

April Birthdays

Does this look familiar?
 These are lovely pieces that 
make us think of Briancon.

Ms. Arkell's Rosy Rabbit (above) was coveted by many
and scooped up by Sam...

.....and we all watched as Sam worked meticulously 
on her exquisite bag.
Have you continued to add bits and pieces to your
"Bits Bag"?
Happy Birthday to SAM!
(April 18)

And to YOU, Jodie, on April 29th!
Happy Birthday to YOU!!
I think that your "Little Green" is still so delightful!
...and your handicraft on the tea cozy quite admirable.
So different and filled with such humor.

Missing you ladies!

ps. Jodie, we have no address for you....
We need one, in case we might have a "little something" for you.

And Sam, please "make a noise'" as Joanna might say.
You are always in our conversations and hearts!


  1. Dear Birthday Violets-
    I was with Jone as she composed your blog Bday wishes! Sending you both best wishes! You are in my thoughts and heart! Fondly- Julie H.

  2. Happy Birthday to you both, wherever you are I hope that you are having a good day and getting some crafting in!
    best wishes, and hope to see you soon....