Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Ta Da!

At Oolie's house, I made several mushrooms from foam core. I glued them and shaped them and let them sit for a couple of days.
Yesterday, I pulled out my paints and below are the results!

These red and white ones look pretty good, though I may try to think of something to do to make the stems a little more interesting.

But, THESE are the ones that I am in love with....sigh......
I know that I will be able to attract fairies with these fabulous accommodations!


  1. jone-
    WOW!!!!! Your mushrooms are amazing! I love how you painted the stems on the brown ones...could you do that to the red ones too? Try one for me!!!! Again, it gets back to your unique style of vines/hearts/flowers in a Scandinavian style. I would walk into a store right now and scoop them all up!! LOVE- Oolie

  2. oh my god! I mean it. those are absolutely fabulous. entirely too cute! I made gnome aprons all day with Michael Miller's fabric and Jane Sassaman's red and green dots. today I am back to sugar skulls. but the blue and yellow Jane dots look great with the Kaufman cupcake fabric I use. I'll be getting on that right quick.

  3. I think I need these mushrooms for the Vintage Fairy Tales;)
    Well, you know I love everything polka dotted, but this time I would choose differently, I would like to LIVE in the "fabulous mushrooms accommodations".

  4. Soooo glad that you ladis like the mushrooms! They are my favorites, at the moment.
    I am having a really good time!!!

    Love to all of you!!!