Wednesday, 7 September 2011

true love

Next weekend, on the 17th, my friends Nancy and Stephen are getting married - at Los Poblanos!
It is going to be an extraordinary wedding - filled with incredible handmade things that Nancy has created with her friends. She told me today that a wonderful surprise out of this was spending that quality time with so many of her close buddies - making special things for everyone attending and she is soooooo excited about ALL of it!

Here is my contribution to their day - the topper for the cake:

Bride & Groom

the Mexican-themed arch

Bride & Groom under the arch
- front view -
....and back!

I had such fun creating this little doo-dah at Oolie's house on Sunday. We were laughing and enjoying the whole process. Seeing Nancy's (and Stephen's!) reaction today was worth each minute of working on it. I am so glad they like it!!

Happy Wedding to Nancy and Stephen! All the best to you in your future together.....
I love you dearly!


  1. Im loving the little couple Jone - what a great souvenir for the too! xxdi

  2. That's an heirloom! wonder-full, Jone!