Thursday, 8 September 2011


Since there are no Violet Birthdays in September (unless someone is keeping a very big secret) I thought I would share photos of the amazing Charm Bracelet that Oolie finished when I was with her last weekend......FaBuLoUsLy deee-licious!
The charms are absolutely gorgeous...and perfectly PERFECT! Her choices of fabrics to cover each charm are so lovely and the bracelet is a delight!

Oolie, I thought about you today, as you left for Paris this morning. It is now 11:30 pm here, which would make it around 7:30 am for you in Paris - have you landed?
Have a wonderful time at Briancon, all you returning Violets!!


  1. Oolie, I love your bracelet and I hope I Will see one soon IRL in Paris!
    Jone thank's for posting and YOU must know that I will miss you sooo much in France.

  2. OOH that is the most wonderful charm bracelet. So colorful and yummy. Hope you all have fun in France. Wish I were there for the fun, friends, and food.xxoo

  3. lovely Julie, that is so wonderful. Wish I was coming to France; will be really envious and have pangs about missing out. Have a wonderful time. Be thinking of you.

  4. Oolie that is a 'charming' and beautiful bracelet - where on earth did you find the fabrics?? Have a whale of a time at LSA and blog soon all of you

  5. Many heartfelt thanks to everyone for these lovely comments....and to Jone, my inspiring and supportive friend in ALL things creative!!!!!!!! I am back in Paris, fresh off the train and Metro at my hotel in the St. Germain area that is beginning to feel like home.......I have found my Parisian Hood!!!!!!!!!!
    I am absolutely pooped, creatively and emotionally from a very special few days in Paris with the "Swedish Girls", and then a fantastic and creatively challenging and rewarding week at Briancon with Julie A., old and new friends. It was a huge WOW in my life on so many levels. Just wait until Becky starts posting photos........the stitched creations are hard to describe....a photo will be much better to show all of you. Stories will start dribbling in to let you all in on the "goings on" so please stay tuned in! I am off to a scalding hot bubble bath! More to tell tomorrow. LOVE- Oolie.....Ooh La La!!