Saturday, 24 September 2011

I Will Tell You A Little Story About Flat Sue And Flat Jone

Once upon a time,
Flat Sue And Flat Jone went together with their Pantry Violet sisters to Paris.
They had to pay a visit at Le Bon Marche´....
Sam and Oolie went a bit crazy and bought a lot of fabrics, buttons and you name it.
Becky was overwhelmed and didn´t even buy the tiniest button.
(Or maybe she had spent all her money buying too many things at Rue St Paul, the day before?)
PAUL was one of our favorite cafés and we did actually meet the crabby waitress
that Sue became such a "good friend" with, from the year before:)
Becky wanted her to hold flat Sue and Jone but she didn´t have the guts to ask her.
"Au Gare Montparnasse,"
we met the always so lovely Clare.
Clare was very trendy with a suit case from Orla Kiely.

Way too early we had to leave Paris
BUT thank heavens, the Julie Arkell workshop was waiting for us in Briancon!
Oolie was very concentrated and worked so hard with a flower bouquet
(all week long).
She was probably a bit disturbed by two flat women who were talking
tous le temps.
The inch project had a major breakthrough.
Clare had brought the inches, and Julie A and Jodie made their inches in less than a second.
Clare said:
-Sorry darling but I can´t inch tonight....
Well, she had an excuse because she played the drums in Dave´s band.
Jone was particularly happy when she had a sweet reunion with the inch project.
Julie enjoyed seeing her old friends again!
Jone made a new friend among the participants in the course.
....and so did Sue.
In Riberac Jone and Sue met some handsome guys on the food market.
Oh la la!
(He wouldn´t let her go)
Sue and Jone were hungry at the yearly picnic,
they brought some nice chèvre they bought from "the guys".
When Dave and his brilliant boys entered the scene,
the boys from Riberac were forgotten easily.

Fin de l´histoire


  1. I am sooooooooo excited to see the Adventures of the Flats!
    Oolie and I had a (very) long conversation this morning and I told her how much it meant to me that you carried the Flats with you EVERYWHERE and took such lovely photos.....and here they are!

    Oh Becky, you are absolutely wonderful and so full of imagination!!!!
    How lucky are we to be a part of your lovely games and stories.

    Thank you...thank much..
    ...from the very little tip of my heart.


  2. Merci, Merci Merci.......for always having your IPhone camera ready to photograph the "Flats" as they popped up out of my purse thruout our shopping sprees, idle wanderings and delicious tea parties, meals and extravagant desserts consumed together in Paris! And then recording the "Flats" being in on everything going on at Briancon! What a great travel log full of sweet and fun memories! I must ask Jone to give "Flat Oolie" a full make-over in color for her next adventure!!!!!!! Missing you Swedish travelers soooooooooo much! LOVE- Oolie

  3. Looks like such joy and fun. Love the flat dolls!! and of course Julie Arkells creations.


  4. That is adorable. Thanks Becky for posting the adventures of the flat pantry violets. It is so the next best thing to being there- although now I really wish I were there. Sounds like the time of a life. So fun to see everyone in the pictures too.

  5. Oh Becky, great pictures - great story - jone I love the whole concept of flat versions of people to accompany pantry violets to workshops - it's genius.
    I particularily loved the stall -holders bemused expresiion! All the PVs flat included had such a grand time - the joy and laughter shines out of these pictures! Please put more on of the flowers too. Wish I could have been there too - but like Taylor think this is the next best thing together with the emails - thanks so much for sharing it all with us. Great to see Sam and Clare too
    - mercy lovely Becky Merci! Xxdi