Tuesday, 27 September 2011

All Dressed Up!!!!!!!!

I am really on a "posting roll" here!!!!!! This little flat 12 inch papier mache creature was given by Julie Arkell to all the participants at her recent stitching workshop at Briancon. They arrived in a clear cellophane bag labeled "Le Lapin de Briancon", along with scraps of fabric & felt that we could use to dress them up and personalize them......in our spare time....HA! Everyone else's got fully clothed, many with hand-knitted "itchy trousers" and bunny ears. Mine sadly entered the workshop-ending fashion show naked as I was barely able to get my "wild flower" bouquet finished in time!!!! She is now "fashion ready" in a vintage doll dress and hat and seems to be quite content with this "look"! Hopefully the other "Lapins" will make their blog debut soon.....keep checking! LOVE- Oolie


  1. It was obviously worth waiting for this fab "lapin",
    love her!
    Her hat , WOW!

  2. She is really decked out and looks great. Thanks for all your postings Oolie.

  3. Hi Oolie - how fantastic to have a Julie lapin to dress up! That's a fashion show I'd love to have seen. I know - spare time !! At west Dean I worked into the night and still didn't manage to do much but pin onto my creatures! Looks like you all had a grand old time. Thanks for the post have been dying to see what u were all up to! Xxdi