Monday, 12 September 2011


Here is a guided tour of my Beach Hut - most of the pictures are from when it was just finished!

the door is to the left .......

round the corner to the sink ...

here is the kitchen bit ....

and round to the window .....

my desk now looking less tidy by the minute .....
And the view to the right of the desk!

Thats the full tour!  Bijou (9' by 11') my little peace of heaven!

Love to all ...   xxDi


  1. love that blue Di, very stunning. It looks like heaven.

  2. WOAH! martha stewart eat your heart out! and country living too! What lovely pictures of a fab have done a fabulous job, although I'm not sure all of us pantry violets will fit in!!

  3. I LOVE your hut!!!!
    When can we all meet there to make beautiful things?
    The color on the walls is beautiful and the crocheted bunting is beautiful.
    Did you make it?

    Gosh, I am thinking about you sooooo much lately.
    Congratulations on your exquisite hut....many hours of creativity to look forward to.

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  5. OOps to many spelling error on first post, sorry. Di your hut is fantastic. I love it. Where is the sleeping area? Do you have a bathroom inside? How far are you from the beach? OHH no wonder you spend so much time there. It's like a dream. Great job foxing it up.

  6. Thanks Jo!
    Danielle - fear not we will all fit - anytime you are near Fleetwood at weekend drop in for a craftathon!
    Jone - Available whenever you can make it! The bunting is Laura Ashley doubtless made by small children in the far east - hey ho it would take me the rest of my life to make that much - fair enough it would take Danielle an afternoon with breaks! Im thinking about you too - especially with several of our number in France as I type - they'll be on show and tell today! Im loving having a seaside studio so much and am actually getting stuff finished/made which is great!
    Love to All

  7. Hey Taylor!
    Its just one room - no bathroom, no bedroom mores the pity mind you Id never come home. They are just intended to spend the day at the sea between 1st april and end of Oct. Technically I suppose you could sleep on a li-lo or something but we are only an hour away from home. There are loos nearby. The last pic is the view from the front - the sea is maybe 20 yards away, the huts are raised up then there's a sort of road (without cars) then the seawall couldnt be closer! We can soon start counting down to January at West Dean Taylor - how exciting will that be!
    Much Love