Saturday, 10 September 2011

hello Violets. Just a short note to say have fun those of you going to Julie's workshop in France - wish I was there. Take a look at what I'm doing lately, have started my own blog to log some stuff.

Give my love to Julie and all at Les Souers and have a lovely time!


  1. Im loving your stuff Jo! Have checked out your blog which is great and
    What a great way to preserve the past in a warm and witty way. Especially
    Love the ones with words. Well on the craft fair circuit I see! Save some
    For etsy please and let me know when they are on.

  2. hi Di, thanks for the comments! I'm making stuff madly for the next market in town and when I have enough to put a few on Etsy will let you know for sure. Hope all is well with you.

  3. All is grand my end Jo! Now my hut is finished I am tinkering at the weekends and really enjoying it. Have posted a couple of my pAper mâché figures on ' - and will post more as I finish stuff. it is like heaven at my hut I have to be forcibly extracted when it's time to come home! Xxdi