Monday, 26 September 2011

Oolie's "wild flower" bouquet stitched at Briancon

Please bear with me (this is probably out of focus!!!) as I have not posted a photo on our blog in forever......but I am so anxious to show everyone the stitching project that Julie Arkell designed for us to make at Briancon! I was still finishing the "embroidered tag" as Julie A. began the Show & Tell the last day!!! It was like I had 10 thumbs all week long! We had a fantastic time as you can tell from Becky's travel-log of the "Flats"! More stories and photos will continue to dribble in so please be patient and stay tuned. LOVE to all- Oolie


  1. Oolie! This is a beautiful bouquet!!! I am so proud of you!
    AND...I am so proud of you for uploading and posting it all on your own!
    You are awesome, my friend.....

  2. This is a flower bouquet that will last forever,
    just like our friendship:)
    Miss you

  3. So happy to see one of the bouquet's up close. Was lusting over how sweet they are and now I can see the detail. Yours is quite a treasure Oolie. Thanks for posting.

  4. Thank you all for your lovely and supportive comments on my rendition of Julie Arkell's most inspiring original "wild flower" fabric bouquet. Hopefully there will be a posting soon and everyone will get to see how gorgeous and different they all look hanging from some wires on a beautiful old stone wall near the conservatory. The flowers are namely, from the top going around clockwise: red poppy, 5 petal buttercup, daisy, heart's ease or viola, and lastly ragwort. The bouquet is a real treasure, as are the fond memories from this trip to Paris and our time at Briancon! LOVE- Oolie

  5. OOooohhhh I want one...will have to set to in my sewing room and make one for myself, but will sadly never achieve the wistfulness that you have managed to capture with your beautiful bouquet...Dxxx

  6. Dear Danielle- Where on earth are you? From where ever it happens to be, thank you so very much for your lovely and heart felt comment!!!!! I miss you......and you were greatly missed in France. Let's not let that happen again! I just love the "wistfulness" description you showered upon my stitching efforts, and know that Julie Arkell would absolutely approve!!!!!!!!!!!! Please email once you are home and the dust has settled! LOVE- Oolie

  7. Oolie! That's a wildflower bouquet to pass on to future generations - I love wildflowers though they don't last long cut - but yours will last a lifetime and still be fresh and beautiful - I love the tag too! I can only imagine how long that took! No wonder you didn't manage to get your creature dressed! Well done you - if I was a better desist I would set to too Danielle - sadly I think it may take me months! Loving your posting roll Oolie - keep going girl! Xxdi