Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Nancy and Stephen

On Saturday September 17th, my friends Nancy and Stephen got married.
Back in August, Nancy showed me a photo of a Mexican Fiesta-style cake with papel-picado out of icing. There was also a photo of the cake topper that was pretty cool. She wasn't sure how to find one like it.........
I offered to make her one as a gift.

I sat at Oolie's dining room table and made the above couple - Nancy and Stephen!
They are both made of pipe cleaners and dressed in silk (!)

The arbor was the part I really spent the most time on. Wrapping the wire and adding the beads and flowers - fun! I am so happy with how it turned out.... and so was Nancy. (note the beaded "N" and "S")

Here it is - the final piece. (click on it to enlarge)
It makes me smile and Nancy said that it was the most photographed thing at the wedding (ha!) I bet it was the Bride, don't you?

A long and happy life to Nancy and Stephen! xoxo

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  1. Made with love and care by you Jone I imagine it will continue to be freshest by your friends! Xxdi