Sunday, 14 March 2010

tiny treat

Happy Birthday to ME!!!
I got home to a wonderful little treat of a package from England...... wow!

Here is the group.... so darn CUTE!!! See the details below:

I am just in awe of Danielle's expertise with the sewing machine. I can see where Fran gets it.
Isn't this the most charming card you ever saw?! And it looks like me!

When D told me that she had found the tiniest little something to send to me, I could not imagine what it could be.... ta da! 
Here it is! ....with the little envelope in the beak.
It is perfect....

....AND the latest in the fabric dolls from Danielle Hanson! What a personality! (5 inches tall)

Thanks, Danielle, for making the return home even more sweet.
I love you and our friendship!

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  1. Jone and Danielle, those are the best gifts. I adore that doll. Is it a one of a kind or did you print it onto fabric? The card is lovely too. Did you send the beautiful tulips too?