Monday, 22 March 2010

feeling inspired

Well, having been quite proud of myself last week because of another spoonflower win, I feel put to shame with all your completely gorgeous stitching and crafting! It seems as if I cannot actually achieve anything unless there is a competition attached to it!!! But I am now inspired and will get my needles back out......Nick will be pleased, we are knee deep in cloth at our house and every time I mention 'spoonflower" his eyes glaze over! Happy Crafting!


  1. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! (congrats!)

    You blow my mind!
    My internet has been down the last three days, but is BACK!
    Should we do skype soon?


  2. Congratulations,
    aren´t you the most creative person ALL THE TIME!?
    I want a dress in that tattoo fabric;)

  3. that would be great if that fabric went mainstream at the fabric shop. I make aprons from Alexander Henry's 'tattoo too' and it has quite a following. your's is wonderful!