Wednesday, 24 March 2010


The creature making with my son's school class has gone really really well. It was quite amazing how all the children produced a special creature. The whole thing has spiralled "as things do" into more ideas. Once they had finished the creatures we asked them to all give them character's and then put them into groups to make a story. They spent a spring afternoon in the school garden creating little scenes, which left these little creatures a little worse for wear, but nothing a glue gun or a sling can't repair (My son decided to pull the arms and legs off his!). We spent this week making hand made paper and next week will turn this all into hand made books, so the paper theme has continued.
Have also been
making 20 houses for my other son's kindergarten. We think we will get them to paint them and then add creatures to them. As you can see hedgehog now has a home. I just love them all lined up together I understand your happiness with your baskets Jone, this gives me the same happiness, is it something about boxes and paper.
Love seeing all your blogs of late. Love the apron Taylor and your
yellow walls. Happy birthday Jone. Love to you all Joanna

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  1. Oh Joanna!!
    I absolutely LOVE those creatures!!!
    Children can teach us so much with soooo little, can't they?
    I think that the stories in the garden make it even more special.
    And those!
    They make my mouth water....
    I'll ove to see how they evolve...