Monday, 22 March 2010


OKay, Ladies (and gents).....

These are the baskets that are making my little heart go "pitter-pat"...
I am in LOVE....
It is so rare for me to do something that makes me sooo happy, but it does occasionally happen and it has happened this time.

The bases are egg cartons that have been carefully torn apart into individual sections.
Then, I add the delicate floral stems and form them into the handle.

From there, I use old hymnals (looking for more - anyone know where to get them?) and sheets from a Japanese anthropological notebook to papier mache the "basket" bowl.

Here they are, stacked in a basket ready for delivery.....

Couldn't resist showing you a couple of individual detail photos....
I can't tell you how happy these tiny things make me!!!
The delicacy and simplicity really turns me on!
Hope you like 'em, too...

more to come....


  1. LOVE them, Jone!
    I believe that you will find old hymnals in an antiquarian, at least you do that in Malmoe!

  2. beautiful! would love to have one - I enjoy Pantry Violets blog
    and all the lovely work by you all - I always feel sooooo inspired!!!
    Rosita Frick (Danielle's mum)

  3. Rosita! What a pleasure!
    I am soooo crazy about your daughter - would love to meet you...
    Thanks for your comment......
    Perhaps you need to contribute as well?