Thursday, 25 March 2010


Here are a few photos of the goodies I dropped off today at Curiosa 
(great little shop in Santa Fe)

These boxes are covered with Japanese hand-printed papers.... 
They lend themselves to some pretty magical combinations.

I like the more subtle colors on this box...and the butterfly looks like it is just resting before flying off somewhere wonderful...

Now, the tiny birds on branches..... another "heart flutter" for me...
I was just outside thinking about how to get the birds on the boxes 
and there were little twigs under the Redbud Trees....
......... hmmmmmm.....

Do you love 'em as much as I do? 
Guess I'll have to make a few more of them, so I can keep one.

This "bird and heart" is a copy of the one I made
 for my mom for her birthday.
Simple and sweet, with a tiny sentiment 
stuck somewhere on each one...
Maybe I'll make a few more of these, too.....

more goodies on


  1. My favourites are the boxes with the birds, LOVE them!
    Love YOU

  2. Where do you get your ideas from, Jone? Quite beautiful... I loved the little baskets you made earlier, too!

  3. Thanks, ladies!
    Don't know where the ideas spring from, but I am thankful that they are still coming!
    Looking forward to seeing all of you!


  4. Those are wonderful boxes Jone. They are all so different. I am glad you are working on so many projects.