Monday, 29 March 2010

EASTER decoration

Here it is!
The cabinet in the living room that holds my treasures.
Since I see it all the time,
it doesn't seem all that interesting to me.
Still, it does look rather appealing in a photo with all that detail.
How can you go wrong with a full printer's drawer?
(click on the photo to enlarge)

eggs....every year a new set of three...

close-ups of G's dragon and a couple of others...

These are some of my "faves"  
.......from 2 years ago...

Happy Easter Week to All!
...and Happy Passover to those of you out there who celebrate!


  1. What a great Vintage Fairy Tales collection, Jone!
    The little rabbit on the wheels, in the first picture,
    looks very interesting!
    Happy Easter

  2. Wow, your display puts me to shame...gorgeous eggs and where did you get those gorgeous egg cups from? I have one dau left to dust off my old tired painted eggs and do something spectacular to get my family in the spring mood!!!!