Sunday, 21 March 2010

Still Trying

I check out Pantry Violets on a regular basis and am constantly delighted and inspired by the creative output of Jone - LOVE the Easter eggs! - and Danielle, and all you other talented ladies. Anyway, finally found a little time last week between paper work and gardening and cleaning ponds and choosing tiles for the barn renovation, to do a bit of sewing ( I know, I know, everyones' lives are as busy and complicated as mine, but it's comfortable to have an excuse for not having exercised my creative muscle lately).
My project was a collage for an old friend who will be celebrating his 60th birthday on April Fool's Day and, Ooooo, I enjoyed myself so much - it was like a much needed meditation. I'm keeping my fingers crossed he likes it, though I know men can sometimes find small textile things a tad "girlie" and his house is somewhat bloke-ish. A girlfriend of mine had given me a little jar of delightful heart-headed pins for Christmas and I'm ashamed to say this was my first opportunity to use them (I made a little heart-shaped wrist pin-cushion to put them on).

Whilst stiching I remembered a colour "sampler" Carol and I saw at the textile fair in February. The lady was selling cotton and silk embroidery yarns and had done this amazing, huge linen sheet of tiny jewel-like coloured squares of cross stitch; it reminded me of a Paul Klee painting, quite exquisite. I asked her how much she wanted for it, but she told me it was a work of love and not for sale. Anyone else know how she feels?


  1. Katie, love your new things that you have shown us. Will you make your own color sample cross stitch piece? I love it. Do you have a close up shot? I hope your friend likes his gift. Tell him it will soften up his place. Hope all is well in paradise.

  2. Hi Katie! mmmm lovely pics as funny, only yesterday I pounced on those heart shaped pins in a shop in Winchester!!!
    Maybe you must do a klee styled piece using scraps of coloured fabric, with lots of coloured sewing machine stitching to make the squares look solid?
    cannot wait for France!

  3. oh my GOSH!
    Your stitching is so charming and THAT STITCHED PIECE WITH tiny squares!
    I must make one of those!
    ....all the colors and numbers.... sigh .......

    I'm with Danielle - counting the days! Just over 14 weeks to go....xo

  4. What a wonderful and inspiring blog post!
    Love the things you are doing and you HAVE to take your time to be creative even if you are a busy business woman;)