Thursday, 18 March 2010

Easter EGGS

I have been painting! A LOT!!!
These are my favorite tiny eggs - about 1/2" in size.....

I just love the details... and the colors.... and how little they are!

I am working on bird cages, too....and birds. 
This is the first stage of the cages - wire and foam core board.
hmmmm, best get to work to finish 'em up.

....and more eggs! With just a gold pen and a silver pen - ta da! .... magic .......


  1. yep! they are indeed magic. all the way. and so are YOU! you're in inspiration! Your favorite little shop is going to be ALL WONDERLAND ALL THE TIME with your items in there. yay!!!!

  2. What a lot of eggs Jone. I love the gold pen ones. Glad you are back in the creating mode after your trip.

  3. mmmmm lovely as always!!!
    you have obviously been energised from all that great outdoors!
    what will you do with all those gorgeous eggs?