Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Xmas Wrappings

Hi All......
I have been painting away up in the studio and here are a few (not great images) of wrapping paper that I have been working on. I love making patterns and hope that the company that will be receiving these in the mail will be happy with them. I'd love your comments, too, please..


  1. oooohh how lovely you clever thing....these wrapping papers are far too nice for just wrapping!
    I particularly love the pink one with flowers...they are exquisite, how could the printing company not like these?

  2. I love the wrapping papers Jone. Do you print them by hand or how do you get enough for wrapping paper? Oh I just read Danielle's post and I guess they are fir a product thing. They should be a hit,

  3. Love 'em! fabrics too! my absolute #1 favorite of your wrapping papers is the single images, like the B&M stickers, the boy leading the giant chicken, etc.can't get enough of that one.

  4. I just 'set as background' one of your wrappings. the 2nd one. just lovely. like you!

  5. I think they are just Lovely, I have such a hard time finding your items though andy hints on where to look????