Sunday, 29 November 2009

Back to the grind

Hey Violets,
Here is the loot from anthropologie. Nothing too great. I saw a lot of nice dishes by Nathelie and some rose soap but was trying to be disciplined. These tights are just me. Spots of color with red, purple, and gray. Most of you could have knit this chunky scarf in three seconds.
My friend Ellen gave me some cool fabric- well a ton and I am having a give away. Check my blog to enter the giveaway for fabric swatches. She had patterned velvets, feed sack pieces, all kinds of stuff. It was interesting going through the bags and actually seeing fabric from projects I had seen her work on.
Back to school after 5 days off. Whoa that should be hard and clay with kindergarten first thing. No fancy tights this week I guess.
I'm working on some journal pages and sketching many fabric ideas, but tonight I just need to finish one of our famous Julie flowers for a friend's birthday. Oh and it's Chloe's birthday today. 15 and still just as sarcastic. She requested ribs when I took her out to lunch today and hoped they would be just as great as the ones she had in France. Those ribs were one of the highlights of her trip. Have a great week everyone.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday to Chloe!
    I hope that it was to her expectations - what does one give a 15 year-old for their birthday these days?


  2. Oh I hope that Chloe had a good birthday...the life of a teenager girl has never been easy!
    Thank you for the great little parcel with the goodies, they are tucked away in my sketchbook!

  3. A 15 year old thinks cash is king but will settle for ipods, computers, gift cards, clothes, phones... (note- my teenage did not receive many of the above items much to her dismay)