Thursday, 19 November 2009


..ahhhhhh, another visit to Anthropologie....
this one was a doozie! I found so many things and had to really "hold back" ....ha! no such luck!

the "unresistible" items follow:
notecards, which are one of my weaknesses
a little zipper bag in the shape of a horse
tiny red velvet slippers (xo)
a little doll for my friend Addi's birthday
....and these 4 fantastic plates that I squealed for! I feel like I deserved this early holiday gift for myself. They are such "Swedish, Polish, Russian, ethnic, embroidered-looking" things - I am madly in love and so happy that it truly takes very little to get me so excited!

"hooray" for Anthropologie and all of its' wonders.... and inspirations!


  1. what delightful treasures!!!! I do so enjoy my mushroom and snail plate you got there. Alicia was admiring it too, it's so special. today- One of One!!!!!

  2. Aaaah the true value of retail therapy never fails to impress me.....your contentment with those purchases positively oozes out of the blog.....I would have fought you for those plates though!!