Monday, 16 November 2009


Hello pantry Violets, but especially the english ones! Have you had the chance to check out the incredibly wonderful and inspirational Anthropology store that has just opened up in Regent Street in London? I had to post some of the photos as I was so impressed with the way they had combined clothes ( all completely desirable) with arty products, and bits of ephemera strewn beautifully across the store. Enjoy! It makes our Liberty's look positively pedestrian!


  1. That is the same store that I posted photos of earlier...
    I am THRILLED that you have one now! It is the most inspiring place I have been to. I always find too many things that I need to take home with me.
    (spent too much $$ yesterday on my way home...)
    Can't wait to see the British version.
    yippee! xoxoxo

  2. why, oh why is there ALWAYS something I want to have?????? the bird toy. I will just look at the picture...

  3. Hope you enjoyed anthropologie as much as I did. I'm going tomorrow. I wonder if they have he same stuff.