Monday, 2 November 2009

Hey there ladies ! i have been looking over my mums shoulder at her obsessive blog hobby , and i absolutely adore some of your work ! you all look like you had fab time with julie arkell and i have told my mum to DEFINITELY go to the next workshop; i loved the stories and projects she brought back !
I noticed also that there is some of my work on 'RAGTALES' and saw your lovely comments so thanks !
hope your all enjoying the making and creating - thought i would upload this wonderful photo of us at our hallowe'en bash, i thought the devil in the middle looked absolutley dashing, and a little bit like my mum.
hopefully meet you soon as i have heard so much about you
lots of love Francesca x


  1. So nice of you Francesca to do a post here!
    Yes we had a great time in France and I hope we will meet your mum there next summer too!
    Your Giacometti characters are awesome!
    A big hug to you

  2. FRAN! Thanks for logging on to your mom's blog!
    You look pretty cute in that photo, too.
    By the way, ALL of your work is mAgNiFiCeNt!!!! It is nice of you to let your mom post it for us since....
    ...we are ALL finding great inspiration from YOU! THANKS!
    xo Jone