Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Xmas Cards

Christmas Cards! Whew!
When I look at these, I realize that I actually HAVE been fairly productive these last few weeks.
It has felt good to be in the studio, though my neck gets a bit stiff.... 
I really like some of these images....especially these two...above and below.....
The "Kitty Girl" is an old design that I have never submitted before.....

hmmmmm, not so sure about this little guy.....needs something.....
Ho Ho Ho everybody!....xoxo


  1. wow..Ho Ho indeed! no wonder you had gone very quiet for the past few days and that you have a stiff neck! Not only am I impressed that you are planning christmas but the cards are are right about the father christmas and the girl though, they are the more striking...
    are they going to be printed?
    lettering makes them and you should do more type based cards as that seems to be very trendy at the moment....have you seen the work of illustrator Calef Brown? very inspirational for colours and lettering
    bye for now
    Danielle xxxx

  2. joners; how about some snow for the little guy? I see snow softly falling around the little house. can't wait for some more for us here, too. and Kudos on your designs. they are wonderful,truly. I'm not just sayin' that.