Saturday, 28 November 2009

Thanksgiving: "Lookin' a Little Like Christmas"

While in California, I asked my cousin Becky to come with me to one of my FAVORITE places on earth - Roger's Gardens. 
It is located just off PCH south of Newport Beach across the street from Fashion Island.

Christmas F*a*i*r*y*l*a*n*d .............. truly. It is magical and makes you feel like a kid. Many, m a n y trees decorated in different themes....big rooms filled to the top with sparkling trees and lights and ornaments.....absolutely beautiful.

May you enjoy the season and all that it offers. 

Roger's Gardens is really a nursery and the plants and gardens are spectacular - even at the end of November. (only in California) Here is a path of cyclamen that was being replenished from the little delivery truck. I could've spent hours is a paradise.
Happy Holidays to all of you............ Ho Ho Ho.......


  1. mmmm love the angel...looks like you are getting plenty of retail therapy!