Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Pantry Violets Creativity!!!!!!!!!!!

I have just woven my 17th heart (18th really because I have misplaced one.....don't ask!!!!!) and now will embark upon stitching the last 14 sets of lavender stems.....3 are completely finished!
YEAH!!!!!!! I will take one final photo before mailing the package on to Sweden! This photo is the cloth bag Jone embroidered this weekend when we had an unplanned and lovely Saturday together in Taos, New Mexico....just about an hour north of Santa Fe. I was in Taos with my family for a dear friend's birthday weekend and at the last minute was able to connect with Jone. We had a fine afternoon stitching and chatting away! She would like for everyone to add their stitched "bit" to the bag. I will add my "2 cents worth" when it returns because I am taking forever to get this project in the mail! I vote we give the bag back to Jone all stitched up as a very warm thank you for all she did to get this project off the ground (we had been discussing an inchie project for about a year!!!). I also plan to mail everyone a swatch of the exact fabric we are using so you can have fun designing your inchie, and work out all of the kinks. I managed to poke 2 nasty holes in my practice inchie.....not a good thing! I was also able to work out the number of threads per color, twists per French knot, length of treads, etc. which made things go quicker once I began on the real inchie's. I also saved my life by knotting only one end of the treads, and leaving an open end near the eye of the needle.....this allowed me to pull out mistakes without a big problem (and there were quite a few!!). I also used a 5" embroidery hoop with helped quite a bit. I'm off to do the lavender! LOVE- Oolie

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  1. well done for getting them all done, it looks lovely and yes I agree a bag for Jone would be great.