Monday, 18 April 2011

In these shoes! I doubt I'd survive ......

Here's a treat for the shoe fiends amongst you .... whilst in Lincoln last month we called in at The Hub, the National Centre for Craft & Design in Sleaford to see 'A Personal collection of Vivienne Westwood Shoes'

Here are pics of some of the exhibits - I loved the ones with toe shaped fronts:

together with some from the publicity available:

photographs below copyright John McIntire

Aren't they fabulous!! I love the pink books and the green platforms.

Oh that I had the legs to go with them - but my favourite shoes of the

whole exhibit will be on my tinkeringbythesea.blogspot tomorrow

- I simply fell in love with them and I could actually wear them too!

Love to All, xxDi


  1. Well how spooky - was only there last weekend! My friend and I went for a pootle on Sunday to Lincoln - and we happened upon the shoe exhibition by pure chance! It was a real unexpected treat on such a gorgeous day out. One day perhaps we may bump into each other - I live in Norwich - if you're ever over this way do get in touch - it would be nice to meet another Pantry Violet. And yes, I wish I had the legs (and body) to go with the shoes too!

  2. I go for the "top right" ones - they look like papier-mache and comfy!
    What great fun, Di - Can't wait to see tomorrow's post (!)

    ...and thanks so much for the delightful it !!!!!!

  3. Jodie - its a date if Im anywhere near Norwich I will let you know! Im often in Lincoln and quite often do workshops at the Hub - have you tried them?? Most are one day but a long drive for you!
    Jone - the pleasure was mine - glad you love your new pet - he's certainly getting about!