Sunday, 24 April 2011

easter waffles and new easter trousers

Hope everybody has had a wonderful Easter!

Today I met with a friend who has a little girl who is a few weeks younger than Nora and we made some sweet little trousers for the girls. So Nora has a lovely new pair of Easter trousers, which you can see below. The gorgeous fabric was designed by our very own Pantry Violet, Jone! She sent me a beautiful pile of her fabrics for my birthday - thank you dear Jone!

And then this afternoon we headed to Becky's cottage for Easter waffles (with jam and vanilla ice cream, yummmmm). I am still full !


  1. Norah was lovely in those trousers and
    the fabric was very pretty...."very much Jone":)))

    Tonight I have been practising some embroidery..
    almost ready to start with the inches!

  2. Oh what a wonderful photo!!!!
    Nora looks very happy in those trousers (!) That fabric makes a nice pair......

    Glad you had a nice Easter - the weather looks perfect! Beautiful daffodils an beautiful people....
    Love to you and YES! Isn't spring great?!

  3. those pants are adorable. so cute, people will stop you on the street: "where did you get THOSE!?" ("I made 'em" you'll say modestly)