Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Inspired by Sam's blog

Thank you Sam for posting the blog on Mary Fray Foster, thought her work was beautiful and it inspired me to turn the beautiful fabric piece Oolie gave me into a necklace. Vintage fabric is so beautiful. The rest of it I have turned into a house, but it isn't quite finished, but now I wish I had those pieces to make more jewelry. Need a visit to an antique fabric sale! Joanna


  1. Oh wow. Joanna that is beautiful! I love that the post on Mari's jewelry inspired you to make this. Now you have REALLY inspired me to do something special with the quilt blocks from Oolie!

  2. Oy MY........I don't quite know where to begin! Joanna(er) you have been very, very busy stitching the most lovely and creative things! Both the quilt fabric necklace and the bunting are worthy of their own workshops!
    I could sit for hours doing both projects.....I am TOTALLY inspired by you! Could you please post a photo of the entire bunting? I'd love to examine the whole gorgeous piece of art. The box is "out-of-this-world" lovely too! Next time I am with Jone, I will suggest that we stitch up a quilt fabric necklace just to get me started! Thank you for sharing, dear friend! LOVE- Oolie

  3. Sam and Oolie

    glad you liked it, I am now looking forward to see what you two do.
    lots of love Joanna