Tuesday, 19 April 2011


The other day I was in Curiosa delivering eggs and I found the most delightful nest that Shawna (the owner) had made. I had to have it! complete with three little blue eggs that she had sprinkled with tiny brown dots....sigh.....
Isn't it lovely?

So, then we had our creative group last Sunday and I made a couple myself:
I used delicate colorful napkins to decorate the insides, since we were decorating eggs anyway... .....hmmmm, guess I didn't take pictures of the eggs - oh well. Aren't the nests cool?


  1. Cool nests Jone. You look like you are doing a whole series of them- ah for all those eggs you have. Love that poppy looking one.

  2. lovely fragile little baskets - love the poppy one Jone! Those great big poppies are one of my favourite flowers. You are definitely on a creative roll! xxdi