Thursday, 29 July 2010


I have been so inspired to make more bracelets.
I went to Jo-Ann yesterday and found these fantastic polkadots.
Can't wait to sit and make things with them!


Here's my birdcage Jone! It was made with wire, the bottom of a broken glass candlestick, some cardboard, glitter for the grit floor, some dobbers and the little feathered birds I bought! Around the bottom it says 'Watch the birdie'.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Hello Everyone!!

Here at last are my finished charm bracelets - one for each niece. One has lace like mine, one has a vintage crochet trim and one has a little row of pom poms!

Ive managed to make a flower for my friend martyn - it has a hanger on the back rather than a pin so that he can hang it on his wall! Unfortunately the picture wont upload - i cant work out why - never mind i will show you my next one which is almost finished.
Also pictured is my work in progress - some dobbers for my classmates - like my necklace - with names done by Jone and a little surprise on the reverse side! Im hoping to have them finished and in the post to you all Friday/Monday!
Happy creating everyone!

Monday, 26 July 2010

an attempt at.........

For a long time I have wanted to make a doll with a bird cage skirt.
I thought I had the image in my head, but what has come out in this first attempt is not exactly what I had in mind.
There are parts and pieces that I like - I like the flowers around the top of the skirt and the organza that is almost invisible. I like the legs, as if dancing.....
The body is not right. I think I want it to be more simple....and the skirt/cage leaves quite a bit to be desired. (It will eventually "house" a bird, or two)
Understand that this is in the earliest stage and I may not finish it, but start another one pretty quickly, making the necessary changes!
Still, I wanted to share it with you to see if you have any constructive criticism for me.....

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Briancon Portraits: first night and Day 1

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the ladies in Briancon this summer.
We had a wonderful time and I hope these photos will make you smile...
....or maybe laugh out loud!

our arrival at the airport on June 30th
Bonjour Bergerac!

Mike! We're back!
did you miss us?

hi Katie!
sooooo good to see you...

an early glimpse of Daisy
what a wild one!

Jo, first evening

Daisy in a quiet, but "ready to go" moment

Day One
listening to Miss Arkell
it's gonna be a great time.......



Clare, with her lovely buttons
so good to see you again!

Sam...... sewing

Hi, Oolie!

smiling sweet Sam

portraits: day 2

we laughed sooooo hard!
even the photos are infectious!
we could hardly breathe!

even Carol and Fiona were laughing - the next day!
(just kidding)

nice glasses, Carol!
watch out Clare, she might take 'em

Becky, above and below, with her fantastic purchases

Miss Julie singing her version of the "Six Days of Briancon"
BRAVO! Julie, you were fantastic!

portraits: days 3 and 4

Here is dear Jo
above - watching the woman with the antique fabrics
LOVE your flowers, Jo

and below - with a very big smile!

I do not know who these girls were posing for....tee hee....

measuring feet to order red clogs

more measuring...


absolutely hilarious!!!

you look like you've got a secret, Joanna....

meeting Dave in town

walking back from town

Mike with the girls - out for dinner

I think the "blur" adds to the fun of the evening, don't you?
Happy Fourth of July!

portraits: last two days

These are the portraits that I got the last two days of our time at Briancon.
I apologize to those of you that I did not get good photos of.
Some of my photography leaves quite a bit to be desired!

love this one of Sue......sparkly girl!

Julie "Australia" - she was hiding in the back of a photo.... it's a little dark, but sweet..

Katie, I really like this one of you in your element....

Clare, this is one of my favorite photos!
........ you like like a princess walking through your garden..

ladies, sorry the sun was in your eyes, but you look so happy and relaxed....

that is all I can say about this one.....

........those who posed....

.... and the photographer!

now, these are very happy ladies!

"the spy"

Danielle in the flower frame...

" 'allo luv! "

"the Three Musketeers" at the airport
.... thanks for taking the photo, Joanna!

Hope you have enjoyed these candid shots, folks.
Even though they aren't the best, they captured a few of the silly moments and some of the sweetest.