Sunday, 1 August 2010

what I did on my holiday

hello eveyone! I have not been as busy as you all, making beautiful bracelets and objects of desire but I have been on a 60 ft yacht sailing under grey drizzly skies around the Orkney islands off the top of Scotland! I managed to keep an illustrated diary of most of what I saw, tricky when the boat is pitching and rocking on the high seas - so most of the lines are very wobbly! I have posted more pics on ragtales...


  1. the first one takes my breath away......


  2. Danielle, danielle! So glad to have you back! These remind me of dean's watercolours- they have the same dreamy quality I think! Especially proficient whilst bobbing up and down on the ocean waves! U love the words running through the first one too! Look forward to seeing a lot more of these!! Xxdi

  3. Beautiful beautiful, I love how you've combinated the words with the painting!
    I know there was not much time in Briançon for painting, but I so wish you had done some there!!! I admire your paintings soooo much!

  4. gosh, you are all so supportive, if I only created stuff for your eyes it would be enough! thank you for your gushy and kind comments.....miss you all xxx