Saturday, 28 August 2010

from the '60's

Once upon a time I saw these little embroidered animals in a shop where I found many things that I felt I had to have.
They were quite expensive, though at this point I do not know what that was at the time.
Anyway, I saved up my money, which seemed like an endless task.
I don't remember if there was layaway, but somehow they were still there when I finally had enough money saved up to purchase them.

I found them again the other day, in a box, as I was cleaning out something - which is unusual in and of itself :)
I just love them. I think they are magical.
I guess that many of the things I have collected over the years have caught my eye (or my heart) because they are magical, or seem that way to me.

Close-ups below:
Maybe my love for stitching came from these little guys so long ago.....though I do not work quite as elaborately as these were done.



  1. These look somewhat familiar from " those were the days" childhood. Have you saved them all these years?