Monday, 2 August 2010


Yesterday, we all three spent the day doing stuff around the house, though I did have other work to do, too......sigh......
Anyway, Cullen walked in at one point (he was cutting down the 4' weeds that have grown since the rains have come) and said, "I really screwed up."
I walked outside........
Here is the back window of my car, where the rock hit and shattered it.

Can you see the glass inside? Bit of a mess, that.....

And here is looking out from inside the car.
This happened once before to the door from the kitchen to the back porch......
I loved the way the light came through and sparkled........ (lemons/lemonade?)....but this is not gonna work!
I do love the tiny pieces of safety glass, though, and may try to figure a way to use them constructively.
Ridiculous? Yes, I know...but it is who I am.

It is getting fixed tomorrow afternoon.


  1. Didn't the French famously use them in a recycled garden - coloured and tumbled like gravel on pathways! Mind u the last ti
    i had a smashed window I cut my fingers on the safety glass! Top tip - wear gloves Jone! Xxdi

  2. ok, lesson learned. and it IS pretty. and the weeds? thank you for sharing that, we'll all be more careful around power tools.