Sunday, 8 August 2010

Mosquero, NM

As we drove home from the Panhandle today, we went through this charming little town - Mosquero, New Mexico.
Clean, tidy and with a little surprise in store....

First of all, the "Panhandle" is the North Western part of Texas...and on a map looks a bit like a handle, if you stretch your imagination.
Mosquero is across the border in New Mexico and it is tiny.

Anyway, we were driving along the highway and I looked over:
...and saw this building all painted up with people on it.
(I made Cullen drive back by it.....well, I asked him nicely.....)

Here is the side of the building - bucking broncos and all!

Then, we turned to get back on the highway and Cullen said, "There is more".......
The lace curtains on the windows of the Post Office are so cute! I was thrilled...and then....

I said, "Stop the car! I gotta get out!"
First, the Town & Country Market, with ladies all dressed up and cowboys out shopping...then:

Erma's Coffee Shop and PAT's City Bar! going back to the Old West for a minute.
Below are a couple of details enlarged for your viewing pleasure....

It really made my day! So charming and well done!
Thought it needed to be shared, my friends....


  1. What a wonderful surprise! The murals are amazing aren't they - i love the one by the vending machine - must be a bit disconcerting as u walk by and just catch a glimpse out the corner of your eye! What a great community effort too - are they all by the same person? Thanks for showing us these Jone - hope you had a great trip!

  2. lance jerome wheeler25 January 2011 at 09:57

    Hello there.. My name is Lance Jerome Wheeler. I currently live in Amarillo, TX and attend Amarillo College. In 2009 i graduated from Mosquero. While i was a senior in 2009 we started the "Painting the Town" project. Me along with one other student were the lead artists. The school got us a pro murralist to come help us.