Sunday, 29 August 2010

sample of the sampler

Hello Pantry Violets
I have finally finished my sampler that I started long ago. I have enclosed a picture of the whole and two details. Hope everyone is doing well and creating some cool stuff.

School has started and we are doing self portraits this week which I adore. I signed up for an on-line metal work class (for jewelry) which I have enjoyed thinking about but have not gotten the torch going/glowing. I will let you know if I do. Hope everyone is well. xxoo taylor


  1. oh taylor!
    I love your sampler!!!
    The colors are very "you" and the stitchwork is very nice......

    You inspire me! I must make some time to do one of those myself.
    It is really wonderful - is it a gift? Or will you keep it and make a pillow or something? And will you make another?

    soooooo cool.....

  2. this is really beautiful Taylor, definitely my most favourite of all your work, your freestyle embroidery reminds me of Tilleke Schwarz's work, only yours is prettier! You must do more as it suits your eclectic style!!
    (was that too gushy?)

  3. Taylor this is fabulous - i love the random nature combined with masterful placements - the colours are lovely together.